Attacks are skills in this game both teams can use. They help the Ally's and destroy the enemys faster.

Airstrike (250 Coins): Sends bombs that instantly kills and does team kill so becareful and some NPC or morph still survives.

Airdrop (250 Coins): Sends several different NPCs at the enemy's spawn.

Supreme Airdrop (1750 Coins): Sends mini bosses and regular NPC near the enemy's spawn.

Nuke (750 Coins): Nukes near the enemy's spawn dealing rapid 500 damage.

Explosiveravage (7500 Coins): Summons a huge explosion near the enemy spawn killing anything instantly, some NPC or morph still will survive and it team kills.

Ragnarok (75000 Coins): Kills all enemies instantly.

Heal Bowl (75000 Coins): Heals all allies.

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